Liz Teall

I studied ceramics at Bournemouth before setting up my first workshop at Avon Dassett, near Banbury in 1970. After a break of 19 years, the present workshop was opened in 1999.

I employ a blended red Staffordshire clay to make a wide range of the kind of pots I like to use myself.

Though I think of myself as a traditional potter carrying the skills of an ancient craft, in actual fact, each potter's work reveals the maker in a way which is probably unplanned. My love of plants, for instance, manifests itself in the use of leaves as decoration. Leaves are special for several reasons - how lucky that a plant's solar-energy system can produce such thrilling motifs! At a deeper level, leaves can be seen as emblematic of the cycles which govern us all.

Incremental changes over the years have bought my work a long way from it's starting point in the seventies. And experimentation is on-going.

As a producer of useful pots, I take design seriously. Everything is designed to be beautifully practical in the truest sense. A high standard of making together with an unusual mode of decoration combine to make my work highly individual and original.

Member of the Oxfordshire Craft Guild